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Harmonium Scale Changer welcomes you… Harmonium is a big contributor to Indian music. India is a country of diversity and unity in diversity. Each region has its own distinct musical style but Harmonium is one such instrument which is used gracefully in every music field. Indian music is incomplete without harmonium. Harmonium is present in every aspect of Indian music like Classical Music, Folk Music, Ghazals, & Bollywood Music etc. Harmonium occupies the highest position in Indian music. Many types of harmonium are available in India according to the quality. We are glad that we worked in the field of virtual harmonium. After deep study, we chose a good harmonium and recorded it in good quality by Neumann U87, and after this, we made its virtual instrument for kontakt. Its name is Harmonium scale changer. its wonderful tone makes it great, and its main part is key controlling. We have recorded Harmonium in many parts like key noise on off hard press on off bellow sound etc., All sound separately control with key control mode. Its associate features are ADSR, REVERB, CHORD MODE , TRANSPOSE . We hope, you will like the harmonium scale changer.


To use the library, you must first ensure that you have the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.5.1 (or higher)




Harmonium Scale Changer

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