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Hello Music Producers,

After the massive success of SOUTH-STEP Instrument, we are presenting you a brand new South Indian Instrument “THAVIL-Ultimate”. It’s not less than a gift for all South Indian Music Composers & Producers. Thavil instrument had contributed very much in South Indian Music. Thavil is a barrel shaped Percussion Instrument from Tamil Nadu, It is also widely used in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, & Telangana States of South India. In folk music contexts, a pair of wider, slimmer sticks are sometimes used. Thanjavur is famous for Thavil, so called Thanjuvar Thavil.

In Kollywood Filmy songs Thavils are mostly used.

Putting all these things in mind, we GBRLoops have created Virtual Instrument of Thavil as “Thavil Ultimate”.

We hope you all will like our new Product.

Cheers !!

Thavil Ultimate

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