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GHADWA Traditional Welcome you.
Ghadwa is a very famous instrument of Haryana & delhi NCR and nearly status. Ghadva is a major contributor to Hariyanavi music.
It was made by Kavi Shree Pandit Jagannath bhardwaj samchana Rohtak (Haryana). Due to the impact of Ghadwa in Haryana, other musical instruments could not stay there.
There is a unique style of singing in Haryana It’s called Ragani & Ghadwa has a wonderful unique combination with Ragani.
The design of the Ghadwa instrument was accidental not in a planned manner.
When it was created throughout the month, it became popular in delhi NCR and other nearly states.
The first time its virtual instrument is made by GBR Loops.
This is for those who like its sound .
You can easily make your custom patterns with Ghadwa traditional.
Some of famous pattern inside it and midi loops also.
What can be the role of Ghadwa in modern music, GBR Loops is working on this. Coming soon our new product “MODERN GHADWA” is Ready for new age modern music & world music. Some basic features reverb and ADSR.
To use the library, you must first ensure that you have the full version of Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.6.5 (or higher)
You can not add this library on Kontakt add library button.
How to use:
•! No need to install.
•! Copy Ghadwa traditional folder in your computer and drag drop NKI files on
Kontakt main window.



Ghadwa Traditional

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